No matter where you are in your life, most people strive to get to the next level, whether in work life, health, finances, relationships, or any area of life. But the question is how to get there. Work hard, grind, hustle, attract, and visualisation are all well-trodden paths. Yet, taking one of these paths can often be taken without putting your head above the parapet in the safety of your comfort zone.

This week, this idea was brought home to me when listening to a podcast discussion between Steven Barlett and Tim Grover. Steven Barlett is an entrepreneur and podcaster of the Diary of a CEO. Tim Grover is the legendary coach of Michael Jordan and Koby Bryant, amongst others.

(If you haven't heard this podcast, I would highly recommend it)

When Tim was asked how he ended coaching such greats, he simply threw the dice. He wrote letters to all the Chicago Bulls players, excluding Michael Jordan, as he thought he would never accept. Finally, Michael Jordan found out and asked him to come in. All it cost him was the cost of a few envelopes and stamps. It was unlikely to work, the chances were vanishingly small, but it changed his life and that of Michael Jordans forever. All upside with minimal risk.

What one thing, even if the chances were tiny, would change your life forever if you threw the dice and it came off? At work, in business, in your relationships, and life. The risk is sometimes real, but often it's in your head.

So here's the challenge: when will you throw the dice?

(and here's a well-kept secret, you get multiple throws)